Deer Antler Chews

Wild Chewz® Deer Antler Chews are a very hard and durable chew, with an aroma only detected by eager dogs! Virtually odorless and long lasting, Deer Antler Chews are the perfect alternative to rawhide and other chews that splinter. Wild Chewz® Deer Antler Chews are from naturally shed antlers which re-grow every year.

Sizes: Small (1.5-2.5 oz), Medium (2.5-4.5 oz), Large (4.5-7 oz), Extra Large (7-10 oz)

View our Antler Chart to help choose the right size for your dog.

Wild Chewz® products are 100% natural, single-ingredient treats. For this reason, the item your dog receives may vary in appearance from the items in the photos.

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