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USA Smoked Pig Ears 6-Pack

Sharpei with Wild Chewz Antler

The chews that dogs go WILD for!

We only use the freshest, highest quality raw ingredients in the making of our products which results in our natural treats being one of the healthiest options for pets.

The Wild Chewz® product line includes a variety of all natural, healthy chews — enough to satisfy any dog! Use our Antler Size Chart to help find the right antler chew for your dog.

All products are 100% NATURAL, with no additives or preservatives. Products are backed with a full satisfaction guarantee. No animals are harmed in the collection of antlers.

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Antler Chews

Wild Chewz® Elk, Deer, and Moose Antler Chews are from naturally shed antlers which re-grow every year. Antlers are high in nutrients which make them very healthy treats for your dog. Their hard structure provides an unusually long lasting and entertaining chew for your dog, while helping maintain dental health.

More Beef Chews

Wild Chewz® produces premium quality single ingredient beef chews for your dog. In addition to our large variety of Bully Sticks, we offer long lasting Beef Tendons, crunchy Beef Trachea and Cow Ears. These single-ingredient chews will keep your dog busy AND happy!